If you are not familiar with Devendra Banhart, all you really need to know is that he resembles a version of Russel Brand you would not be embarrassed to hang out with….and you should always listen to the music of a man who has successfully courted Natalie Portman.

His latest album is great, and I encourage you to listen to it in its entirety, but this song in particular, has been hard for me to shake. It’s one of the most palatable tunes on the album and, unfortunately, one of the shortest. What starts a lot like something from Citizen Cope, quickly matures into one of the catchiest 7 line songs you’ve ever heard.

I tend to imagine myself in an El Camino, tearing down a desert road, with a cigarillo in my teeth and Benicio Del Toro in my passenger seat. We probably both need a shower.


This was my first introduction to Ultraista, a band often credited to Nigel Godrich, but I have to say is more memorable because of Laura Bettinson’s super laid back vocals. She sings like she could be somewhere else, and is maybe even a little put out by this whole “band” thing.

It’s as if Phantogram teamed up with Luscious Jackson to record the theme song for all LA hipsters. It is required that you be wearing Ray Bans and high-waisted jorts for this song to even play.


I was hesitant in posting this song at first, because I had previously posted it elsewhere, but, I am officially obsessed. I am having trouble starting my day without it. I wasn’t immediately in love, but after a few listens of the entire album, it was the track I found myself starting over right as I knew it was ending.

It’s the song you wish someone had written for you. It simultaneously reminds you of your first love and the love of your life. What starts out as a flirtatious, hip-swaying melody, has you fully immersed in a torrid love affair by end.


As the sun starts to finally make its way out in the rest of the country, and the time change has begun to make a difference for our end-of-day commutes, I think its fair to say that spring has sprung. This time of year is when I begin to dream about what the summer will bring, and this famed Chris Isaak song conjures images of most everyone’s idea of the perfect day at the beach.

I love a good cover. A re-imagining of a song that resurrects it from the archives and helps it make its way back into your current playlists. Emika does just that. It’s like listening to the soundtrack of my dream sequence where I slowly walk through a smoky discotheque to find Helena Christensen sitting at my table.