Child of Lov, Cole Williams, is an enigmatic fella from the Netherlands. His swampy European R&B will cause you to blink slow while gently bobbing your head up and down. One Day feels a bit like running in a dream, where you just can’t go fast enough. Like your feet are melting into the ground and, despite monumental effort, you just can’t move your body forward at the desired pace. Damon Albarn’s guest vocals on the song add a sense of mischievous darkness that only that man can pull off. If you have never been to a Gorillaz show, then I suggest your correct this very big mistake. Top it all off with a bass line that, during the chorus, resembles a throbbing heart beat, and you have yourself one delightfully-creeptastic song.


I don’t know if its the large amount of Mad Men we have been watching lately, or the fact that the 4th is tomorrow, but this video and its American Bandstand theme, seemed appropriate for our Nation’s birthday celebration. Not only is the song groovy as hell, but the video has the borrowed nostalgia of some of America’s most important decades is musical history.

Janelle Monae has always been a bit retro with her pompadour-esque hair and her Annie Hall wardrobe, but she has departed from her signature look for this video, and I am not complaining. Unlike her last single’s video, which was an futuristic take on 70’s funk with a the stylings of the both the Supremes and Jackie Brown, this video combines a post-apocalyptic world, complete with zombies and effeminate TV hosts, with the look and feel of Hairspray. The Hell’s Angels type characters at the end, pretty much cover any untouched Americana up to that point.

At this rate, the next video will feature Janelle and Erykha in a Smells Like Teen Spirit remake but with zombies for bandmates and bubbles instead of smoke.


Darren Weiss is the former drummer for the Bay Area band Girls, who has since started this delightful, two-person group with his childhood friend, bassist Danny Presant. PAPA is very much indie rock and feels a bit like a blend of the nostalgic Father John Misty but with more of a Divine Fits tempo. Put Me To Work in particular is a piano-pounding, rhythm-heavy tune that whips itself into a frenzy at about three-quarters of the way through, making it perfect for senseless thrashing about.

It feels like a good old-fashioned summer party song. The song you put on when the garage is spilling over with dancing bodies and the humidity is reaching a level where you could almost start your own rain storm.  Articles of clothing must come off to avoid heat stroke. Eyes closed, head back, hands up.


Kisses is the band of Jesse Kivel and Zinzi Edmundson, which might be two of the coolest names ever. These are two people from LA who were dating and are now dating while playing in a band together. Its very 80’s, its very pop and its very good. At :15, when the beat really comes in, its undeniable. I mean come on. If you don’t see yourself in a roller rink, rocking the backwards skate, under the dico ball and playing the dice game, I don’t know if we can be friends.

If you need me, I will be whizzing by you via my superior turning radius. I don’t have time for couples’ skate.


I like this song. There are a lot of great things about it, and it is probably the song that would be running through my head as I developed a plot to hack into my enemy’s database and destroy them from within. But, I don’t want to talk about this song. I want to talk about this little girl.

B-Girl Terra is the young lady who stunned people recently with her shockingly fantastic performance at a breakdance battle in France earlier this year. This video of her doing a solo performance to Jungle’s Platoon, has got to be one of the most inspiring things you will see today. I believe such control, grace and determination exists in all of us, but boy, is it a rare sight to see nurtured in such a manner and at such a young age. Let’s just talk for a minute about what occurs at 2:06, when she stops dancing to don a hat and bands, and then turns up the heat a little and pulls moves that I have watched grown men struggle to do. And then there is the shot at the end that says, “I know I just did some impressive stuff, but don’t forget, I am a little girl.”

This young lady makes me proud to be a female. Go on and get it, girl.


Portugal. The Man released their 8th album, Evil Friends, Tuesday and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite releases this year. In the wake of Daft Punk, The National, and Vampire Weekend, that says a lot. The song Atomic Man, along with the video, is minimal, grainy and at a tempo that is neither fast nor slow. It’s very rock and roll, perfectly sloppy, and oh so cool.

If you need me I’ll be conditioning my leather boots, so that later I can walk slowly through a number of bars, intimidating people and breaking hearts.


It is rare that I swoon over a man. Every now and then I get nervous around a very attractive male, but I wouldn’t say I swoon. Enter Matthew Dear. I love Matthew Dear. He is the perfect combination of handsome and non-threatening. He appears super approachable, and then, just as I step to him, this fantastic baritone voice comes out of his mouth, and I melt like a school girl. He just seems so gosh darn cool. I want to hang out with him. I would even settle for just being “around” him…lurking in a corner where he can’t see me, but I have a direct visual on him while I practice various introductions.

His most recent album, Beams, came out in 2012, but there is going to be a reissue in June and it will include this catchy, unreleased tune.

“Open your mind, and let’s decide, your destiny…” Whatever you say Matthew Dear, whatever you say.