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Hey good lookin’, what’s cookin’? I’ve had lots of scrumptious dishes roll through my kitchen over these last two months, but these hands have been too busy to let you know.

As a result, I’m trying a new format. Short and sweet is cute and neat, right?

You can find me on Instagram as Knochs, and Anne as Kitzbilly, and you can view our food porn under #knochknoch.

Special projects and important moments will still get their moments in type, but for those days when we can’t see past the tasks at hand, photo blurbs will have to suffice.

On one of these very busy nights I’m referencing, I was dying for a homemade meal but running short on time. I gave myself five minutes to sit down and think of something tasty using the random ingredients in our abode. I focused on the cod fillet and found myself eyeing some mouthwatering parchment paper recipes. I mandolined potatoes so they were nice and thin, then did the same with some carrots and onions. I rough chopped mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, garlic, and green olives, then topped the fish with thin slices of lemon, capers, and splashes of white wine and olive oil. A generous sprinkling of sea salt and pepper over the whole thing and voila!,  I was done. I tightly wrapped the parchment packet and popped it in my preheated oven for thirty minutes.

While it was baking I had time to clean up the kitchen, put laundry away, prepare for the next day at work, and high five my dogs. After coming out of the oven, I let the packet stand for ten minutes sealed, then ripped it open to see what had become of my fish fillet. Holy *&%$… I was greeted with a smell so delicious, it made me weak in the knees. The packet had created its own juices so I served it up, and spooned the sauce over the top. I had some fresh Arugula as well as an Artichoke sauce on hand, so I dolloped on a little of each as well. When Anne walked in the door from volunteering, she was greeted with an accidental gourmet feast.

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