Sauce (Four) Pi


My brain has been rapidly firing ideas these past few days, in anticipation of the dinner-and-a-movie party we are hosting this Saturday. Since we will be screening ‘The Godfather’, we decided to go all-in on an Italian theme.

As we’re pulling together our food & drink menu, we wanted to test a sauce recipe we’ve been eying for the event. The testing was great because I had absolutely nothing to do with it, other than shoveling the finished product greedily into my mouth. This meal was all Anne, from research to execution, and I couldn’t have been more delighted to be the beneficiary of such a delicious treat. She combined fresh oysters, tender noodles, a sprinkling of sauteed vegetables, and her scrumptious sauce, in a manner that made my mouth sing hallelujah.

I’ll share the recipe post-event, in case we make any tantalizing modifications you wouldn’t want to live without. Note that the sauce would be delicious on any pasta, or even a pizza pi. Get it? Happy Pi day everyone!

Here’s to an upcoming weekend filled with good food, and great friends!

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