Not too long ago, a dear friend of ours had a milestone birthday. To commemorate this special occasion, we wanted to make Patrick something that represented not only the length of our friendship, but also the life-stages that we had experienced together.

A lot changes between the ages of 18 and 30. Beliefs, dreams, aspirations, and most importantly, hair styles.  The way that you wear your hair, is one of the most public expressions of who you are. Whether that be your ponytail telling the world, “Hey, I rock at hacky sack, and have already logged 30 hours of frolf this week”, or your indy shag saying “I live on the west coast now, and am in a band, so I have to be ready for TMZ at any moment.”

We chose five memorable do’s to represent Patrick’s early adult evolution. His distinct jaw line made it possible to forgo his facial features and have him still be recognizable, keeping focus on the hair instead of five individual portraits.

For the record, we have destroyed all evidence of our perms, bleach jobs and dreadlocks.

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