My intention was to make Negroni’s and Bellini’s, but since a few key ingredients were forgotten come party time, we ended up creating originals. These little guys are dangerous because they taste smooth and gentle, but will give you a good wallop if you’re not careful.

The Don (Serves Eight Cocktails) 20130404-113208.jpg

16 oz. of Gin

8 oz. of Lambrusco

4 oz. Sweet Vermouth

Two large oranges

Eight shakes of Angostura Bitters

  • Cut the rind away from the oranges, making sure not to include any pith
  • Place half of your rind slices into your pitcher, and reserve the other half
  • Add sweet vermouth and bitters to the pitcher, then gently muddle the peels until you’ve pressed out the orange oil
  • Add the Gin to your pitcher, and stir for a minute to combine
  •  In a rocks glass, add one large square ice cube, then pour a little over two ounces from your pitcher into each glass
  • Top each glass with one ounce of chilled Lambrusco, and one orange peel

The Bella (Serves Eight Cocktails) 20130404-113201.jpg

16 oz. of Vodka

8 oz. Prosecco

4 oz. Rose’s Lime Juice

Eight strawberries

A handful of fresh basil

Sixteen shakes of cherry bitters

  • Hull the strawberries, then slice them in half and add them to your pitcher
  • Clap your basil leaves between your hands to release their oils, then combine them in your pitcher with the vodka and lime juice
  • Add your cherry bitters and vigorously stir for two minutes until the mixture is combined, and you can smell the basil
  • In your favorite glass type, add a few small ice cubes, then pour a little over two ounces from your drinking container, into each glass
  • Make sure each cup has a strawberry, and a few basil leaves, then top each glass with one ounce of chilled Prosecco

Aside from a mafia party:

‘The Don’ would be the perfect cup to share with friends as the sun was setting on a late summer night. That humid air turning cool and crisp, as the vibrant colors in the sky give way to the dark.

‘The Bella’ would be a masterful selection for an outdoor brunch or BBQ, when you’re looking for something lightly sweet and bubbly to quench your thirst. When its so hot that your hair is sticking to the back of your neck, and a sip of your cool drink allows you to taste the bright basil, tingly Prosecco, and faint berry flavor as it satisfies your mouth.


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