A week before my 33rd birthday this past October, I was hit by a car while strolling through a cross walk, on a walk sign. I kissed her windshield, and vaguely remember seeing the nearby gas station upside down, before my body was forcefully introduced to the pavement in front of her car. I made my first ever visit to a trauma room, after an introductory ride in an ambulance that even turned its sirens on to get me there. The worst part of the whole experience though, was hearing a perfect stranger call my wife to tell her that I’d been in an accident. Knowing that I couldn’t talk to her myself as she was instructed to meet me at the nearby hospital, because I was being stabilized on a gurney, broke. my. heart.

As much as this incident sucked, as angry as I’ve gotten at the woman who hit me, I walked out of the hospital that night, albeit slowly, on my own two feet with my wife by my side. The entire event has been a solid reminder of just how fleeting our time here together can be, and that we should do our best to greet each day with a smile and a high-five. I’m trying to maintain that positive attitude as I experience my final days of pregnancy, but I’ve heard rumors that you can start to feel like it’s going to go on forever.

I’m there. Right over here. The lady having trouble putting on her own pants and tying her own shoes… that’s me.

I’ve been lucky enough to hitch myself to a person who is already amped to be co-parenting. So, while we await the grand entrance of the newest Kitzelmann, AK has taken over walking the dogs, doing the laundry, and taking care of anything that involves bending over to pick something up. This last one is hugely important, because bending over during late pregnancy seems to make me unreasonably angry for a quick two second window. Upright = Happy / Bent Over = Demon.

We know our son will make his arrival at exactly the right time… when he’s ready… when we’re ready… when the universe is open to introducing us to his sweet little soul. Until then, we’ll continue to add spice to all of our foods, walk around the nearby blocks on loop, get down with boat loads of deep squats, and impress ourselves with the amount of sparkling water I can intake on the daily. Peace and love to you all, and please keep your fingers crossed that we’ll see y’all on the other side of the labor bridge… soon.

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