2015 was a year of big changes for the Kitzelmann family, and in November we found out that WE’RE GOING TO BE PARENTS! That’s right! HOLY SH$T! Baby Kitzelmann will arrive in late July! We are so happy to grow our family by one, and are amped to move past the nausea-filled, secretive first trimester! While the first few months had me gagging all over the place, and feeling exhausted, the “golden” second trimester seems to be releasing pregnancy’s tight grip on my olfactory system, so I can once again ride the bus without the pleasure of over-smelling the city in all of it’s glory.

Creating a new soul for this world has already been such an exciting adventure, but we both know that nothing can prepare us for the wild ride that year one of parenthood holds. The last few months have felt like chambers of my heart I didn’t even know existed, are being ripped open with wild abandon, in preparation of loving our kid to the moon and back. It’s amazing how hard we’ve already fallen for this little shrimp, just watching it twitch and flail around during our ultrasounds.

Since finding out the good news, life has been full of sparkling water mocktails, an ocean of herbal tea, citrus fruits perfectly prepared for me by my wife (see above grapefruit), and the gifting of vial after vial of blood (see horrifying image below). We’ve been going on lots of dog walks, decluttering our house and lives, and doing our best to stop ourselves from Googling symptoms of pregnancy… which is easier said than done.

Hopefully we can explain to these two that there’s going to be a new addition to the crew, and that they welcome the news with open paws. We can’t wait to be Moms, and to introduce our child to all the world has to offer. So wish us luck, as we head out on an adventure that we’ve yet to explore in our seventeen years as “Anne + Lauren”… parenthood.

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