In an effort to continually explore the many nooks and crannies of this “City by the Bay”, we’ve started taking a weeknight long walk in the direction of our abode. The rules are simple; it has to be: over three miles, accessible from Anne’s office (as that is our starting point), and end near a bus line that gets us in the general range of home. While there’s no shortage of conversation in our relationship, these walks provide a chance to consciously unchain ourselves from technology for a few hours. This allows us to be fully engaged as we explore spots in the city that feel as though its history is simply radiating from the ground beneath our feet.

Some evenings the weather is warm and welcoming, beckoning us to continue putting one shoe in front of the other. Other walks have us enveloped in fog, the wind forcing us to turn up our collars, and step quickly towards shelter. There are times when we pause to explore new dining establishments, and others we return home hungry, ready to dive in to a meal we’ve prepared pre-departure. It’s a date+dinner for conversation+exploration all rolled into one memory making package. While we stay away from our beloved handheld computing machines most of the time, we allow ourselves a few photos per stroll. It’s a nice, nostalgic feeling making each photo count, as we decide if it’s a moment or scene worth capturing. Three cheers to your own family adventures, as I leave you with a few photographic results from previous Kitzelmann adventure walks:

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Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset


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