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Lately I’ve been crushing pretty d@mn hard on power greens. I can’t get enough. A handful added to my stir fry, a pile on my sandwich, a packed measuring cup dumped over my breakfast plate… it’s downright wild. In an effort not to burn out from the same blend, I made a slaw that will pump up your productivity power, and leave you feeling pleasantly full. The dressing is light enough in flavor that you can add a few splashes of this or that to change it up for each meal, and prevent a classic case of “ugh, green food boredom”.

The other night I wanted the worlds largest pizza for dinner; like the biggest you’ve ever seen in your whole life. Ooooohlala, that melted cheese, warm tomato sauce and chewy, perfect crust was calling too me. Alas, I had already prepared dinner and couldn’t justify the meal swap without carrying around post-dining guilt for the rest of the evening. Fortunately, this slaw hit the spot when paired with roasted chicken and grilled asparagus spears. Oh and guess what?! My heart and pants texted me a million high-five emojis as future encouragement. Message received summer pants… you’ll exit the drawer soon; promise.

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(serves 4 main servings/ serves 8 side servings)

Salad base:

  • One head cauliflower
  • One bunch raw lacinato kale
  • Half head raw cabbage
  • One can artichoke hearts
  • Half cup crumbled feta
  • Sea salt
  • Pepper
  • EVOO for drizzlin’


  • Two tbsp tahini
  • Two tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • Two tbsp rice wine vinegar
  • One tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • Two tbsp Dijon mustard
  • Half cup EVOO

Preheat your oven to 350, then rinse, dry, and dice your cauliflower before arranging it on a parchment paper covered sheet pan. Drizzle the cauliflower with olive oil, and a tsp of sea salt and pepper, toss well and bake for 20 minutes, or until lightly browned.

While your cauliflower is doing its thing, clean, then julienne your kale. Add to a large serving bowl along with a drizzle of EVOO, and clean your hands. Next roll up those sleeves and think about the thing/person/place that has brought the highest level of irritation to your day. Now, lean in and wrap your hands around that kale, and massage out your frustration. Come on, just trust me; it’ll leave you with a small pile of silky-smooth, nutrient-packed greens.

Now, finely chop your cabbage and quarter your artichoke hearts, then toss them into the bowl along with the roasted cauliflower you have on standby. Add that briny feta, then whisk together your dressing ingredients and pour it over the top of the whole mix. Now, toss it like it’s hot, and load up a big pile onto your waiting plateware. Served along with a protein, this dish provides the crunch and color to let your brain know it’s about to get blasted with the good stuff: #powergreensforlife

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