A few months back, we were asked to participate in our neighborhood’s art show. The Divisadero Art Walk is an event organized by local businesses, where vendors open their doors, offer specials on food and drink, and typically feature local artists. Its a great way to meet people in the area, see some cool work, and since it’s always on a Thursday, start the weekend a little early.

Mojo, our favorite local bicycle cafe, is one of those vendors. Enter CRUD, the Chopper Riding Urban Dwellers, a group of bike riding/building hooligans, that we have had the good fortune of joining. Our friend Tricia, one of the ring leaders of CRUD, secured the group a fantastic spot at Mojo for the event.

Eight of us were tasked with creating a piece or two, in the spirit of CRUD. We chose to do two printed pieces in the style of a pictogram, those visual riddles you used to noodle over as a grade-schooler. The sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek nature of the style, felt appropriate for CRUD’s lippy, anti-authority personality… and we really just wanted to illustrate some lady sheep.

CVC 21202


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