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There are moments in life when you get the opportunity to really express your love for someone. Often, these exchanges occur between significant others when marking relationship milestones. But occasionally, you get to show that kind of special recognition to others in your life, and can give them a peek into how much you care.

One such occasion took place last weekend when we hosted M(r)s. Aly’s bachelorette party in Tomales Bay, and it was simply magnificent. We selected a house in Dillon Beach with the weekend essentials: game room fun, views of the ocean, a hot tub on a huge deck, roaring fireplace, and a comfy living room for relaxing.

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We spent time pre-weekend kick-off, making sure there were plenty of home-made touches sprinkled throughout the event. Upon arrival to the house, we handed out welcome bags with custom koozie’s, and a few bites of San Francisco via Ghirardelli chocolate. Mini-AK has a love of savory junk food, and while she consumes healthier eats on the regular now, this was a weekend to indulge. Part of our goal, was to showcase tater tots at every. single. meal. For our T-tot-extravaganze round one, we brought a load of sautéed vegetables, home-made spiced black beans, and every nacho fixing you could want for what we named, “TaterTatcho’s”… and they did not disappoint.

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The major player in many bachelorette weekends, is of course, boozy-booze-booze-booze. We had Michelada’s flowing from the moment we walked in the door, and busted out some special sipping delights throughout the weekend. We made a custom syrup for the Bachelorette, that had hints of lemon, mint, lavender, and lime. Throughout the weekend, we used it as a base for many an old-fashioned, watermelon cooler, strawberry + angostura aperitifs, and Irish coffee digestifs.

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We knew a long brunch was in order for our first full day together, so Anne whipped up a home-made loaf of bread pre-departure. We used it for some decadent French toast, with a base made of lemon zest, vanilla and brown sugar whisked in to home-made custard. We paired it with thick cut applewood bacon and had a few rounds of bloody Mary’s with home-made pickled carrots, jalapeños, celery, and you guessed it… tater tots on toothpicks.

We lounged in the sun for the next few hours, chatting and watching the fog flow in and out of the bay. That afternoon we hopped in the minivan for our picnic reservation at Hog Island. No trip up north is complete without the shucking and slurping of fresh oysters. After we’d had our fill of the sun and the sea, we headed back to the house and spent the next few hours ramping up for what can only be described as an epic freestyle dance party. A stunning sunset was made even better with a champagne toast, glow bracelets and costumes. After the sun went to sleep, we played ping-pong, basketball, mini-pool, and a few R-rated theme games amid the glow of candlelight, while the bass thumped in the background. Two of our lovely lady guests brought tie-dyed tights and mustache tattoos for the group, and we all busted out moves that hadn’t seen the dance floor in far too long. When hunger struck, we wrapped up the night with Anne’s grilled cheeses, that she loaded with tots, bacon and apricot mustard; imagine saying yum over-and-over-and-over with your mouth full of that masterpiece.

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The next morning came too soon, and brought with it the business of tidying up the house with our sore-from-dancing muscles. We made it out the door just in time, and stopped by another Tomales Bay institution, Nick’s Cove. We had the end of the pier deck all to ourselves, for luxurious brunch round two. The boat shack with its piano, all wood interior, and window filled space was an amazing spot to dine on Nick’s incredible eats. We cranked the music, took lots of Polaroid pictures, and laughed about all of the happenings from the previous night.

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Post brunch, we took the ladies to Samuel P. Taylor State Park for a stroll amongst the redwoods, to walk off our meal and take in the fresh Marin County air. As we headed back over the Golden Gate Bridge, the group was sleepy, satiated, and ready to relax for a few hours before hopping flights back home. It was such a delight meeting Aly’s amazing friends, while showing them a slice of northern California, and celebrating such a special woman. It’s been a pleasure watching you grow up Al, and we’re so excited to celebrate this next chapter of your lives together. We love, love, love A+B, and the four of us need to bust out those incredible dance moves again soon.

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