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Biscuits and I go way, way back. Sweetened with sugar and cinnamon, dotted with cheeses, splashed with butter, sprinkled with herbs; however you want to serve’em up, I won’t ask any questions. I’ll just enjoy them with a smile, and thank you when you kindly agree to give me another.

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I tried my hand at some savory drop biscuits a few weeks back, and while they tasted yumyumgood, they looked ickickugly. So, I modified my add-in contents, and decided to go the cut biscuit route, in hopes of keeping some nice clean lines.

It seems like everyone and their (insert favorite relatives title here), has the “best” biscuit recipe. After attempting many of them, I truly feel it simply breaks down to ice-cold butter, and the least amount of handling possible. Get those ingredients together juuuuust enough, then stop working that dough. I tried a new technique this time, where instead of rolling the dough, you pat it into a square, fold it on itself five times, then re-shape into a square for cutting.

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Now you can get out that biscuit cutter and make perfectly round disks, but why do that when it leaves you with two ugly panmates at the end. The folding method saves time in cutting/re-patting/cutting and clean up steps, and gives them a bit of that homemade look I love.

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These biscuits here were made with pan-fried garlic, balsamic + pepper caramelized onion, fresh green onion, sliced Greek olives, and small cubes of extra sharp cheddar. After they came out of the oven, the tops were brushed with warm butter, then sprinkled with fresh ground herbed sea salt.

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I’ve been obsessed with making my own seasoning salts lately. To make your own, toss a little sea salt, and whatever variety of herbs and spices you want into a mortar and pestle, then give it a good go round until it’s the consistency you desire. These biscuit tops were begging for a dash of savory, so I chose a combination of dill, rosemary, cumin, mustard seed and oregano. Now, get out of here. Leave me to go make these biscuits for you + your family. I promise, after that first buttery, flaky bite, you’ll be glad you did.

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