I often joke that we live on a mountain top. When out of town guests are first introduced to our three story walk-up on top of a hill, they look at us like we’re crazy each time we have to make the ascent home.

You just get used to living with hills in the Bay Area. The options to avoid them take so much longer, that you simply buck up, and move your body forward. One of the benefits of said inclines though, are the stunning views they provide. It’s an amazing feeling to head up to the roof of the city, and turn around to see everything spread out below you.

Last night we arrived home around the same time, so we took advantage of the remaining daylight and headed for higher ground with the dogs. Our destination was one of our favorite viewpoints in the city, Corona Heights. After a lovely stroll around the rocks, we were ready to return home. We exited the park and had an option to turn right and head home via a fairly level route, or to turn left and continue our climb towards the peak. The weather was misty, and the roads were quiet so we decided to take the harder route and enjoy the outdoors a little longer.

Juuuust as we reached the top, we turned the corner, and were greeted with the most magnificently decorated Easter home I have ever laid eyes on. We were under an enchanted spell from the fog and stood quietly marveling at this place, feeling like kids again. We half expected to see Lewis Carroll come stumbling out of the front door, but settled for Buena Vista inhabitants instead.

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