The mighty power of cheese draws me in day after day. There are times when I’m completing a task, and the craving hits so hard, I feel like it should be satiated immediately. Yesterday I was going about my errand business when one of these incidents occurred, and before I knew it, I was hands deep in homemade cheese crackers.

Growing up, I was a real sucker for that red box of salty cheese squares. As an adult, I don’t allow myself to buy them, but I may have just sabotaged all future pant purchases but making my own at home. One of the benefits of creating your own version, is that you get to customize your makings to your preferred tastes.

CheeseIts05I knew I wanted something with a hint of heat, a savory after bite, and a tender crumb. I used a high quality block of aged Wisconsin cheddar, since the main ingredient was going to be the star of the show. I added a smoked chile blend for heat, and combined sea salt and fresh rosemary in my mortar and pestle to create a savory dusting for the cracker tops.



While the dough can be tough to handle due to the flour ratio, everything else comes together quickly and bakes up in no time flat. Twenty minutes after the craving struck, I was popping golden bites of heaven into my already watering mouth. Make these now, and your taste buds will thank you for days to come.

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