Kishi Bashi. This guy will make you feel like a real underachiever. He is a touring band member for Of Montreal, Regina Spektor and founding member of Jupiter One. He is also an all around bad-ass, Japanese-American who plays synth rock with his violin and a multitude of other instruments. HIs first solo album, 151a, was a favorite of mine and his second is no different.

The track Hahaha pt.2 is second to Hahaha pt. 1, of course, but I have to say I prefer it to its predecessor and, frankly, don’t think it needs an introduction. The song speaks of the ocean and sea, but feels like more a space anthem of sorts. It starts strong, with plucking strings, resonating brass, and a walking bass line. Enter voices, and the song grows into a big juicy swell that washes over you. Just when you are feeling overwhelmed, he tightens things up a bit. The tempo increases, there are popping echoes…I think there might even be some sort of intergalactic growl at one point. I mean, there is so much variation in this song, you will hardly believe it is only 4 minutes long. Its a real journey, man.

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