Just the other night, we celebrated our pals birthday at a local watering hole. It was a special milestone, so I wanted to do something special to celebrate her time on this Earth. After some sleuthing about her favorite sweet treat flavors, I opted to go the strawberry route, since it’s not one I often take. For the short(cup)cake base, I went with a sweet vanilla bean flavor, as I wanted them to balance the tart icing. Since this wasn’t a plate or napkin sort of celebration joint, I thought pop-able bites would be the choicest route.


I started the icing by making a caramelized strawberry jam on the stove top using frozen pureed berries, lemon juice, golden syrup, butter and vanilla. When cooled, I whisked the jam into a cream cheese icing that I had made in advance, and left chilling in the refrigerator. The combination was a delicate cake bottom, topped with a slightly tart + creamy strawberry tang. They were lip-smacking good, but the final touch of pink sugar crystals added the bit of color and crunch needed to take them to the final level. I arrived at the bar rolling 60 mini’s deep, and walked away empty-handed; birthday celebration success!


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