Two Sandwiches Take Three

There’s something so satisfying about peanut butter cookies. Taking over your taste buds with their salty+sweet nature, your mouth barely has time to clear out one bite, before it’s begging you for the next. I made a double batch using this recipe, and added an extra nutty kick by subbing half of the AP flour, with Almond flour. The result was exactly what I was looking for; chewy middled, crisp exteriored disks of golden deliciousness.


While I love these on their own, I felt like it would be a crime not to spread some of PB’s best friend, chocolate, between two for an indulgent sandwich of sorts. Out came the fixings for chocolate buttercream, and before I knew it, the time came to stack’em and wrap’em for their park debut. Next time around they’ll come to life as bite sized poppers; that way you can enjoy a few extra, while your companions remain none the wiser.

Peanut Butter Sandwich

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