Sometimes a craving hits you, and refuses to let go until it’s indulged. I was milling about the house the other day when BAM, I started dreaming about Milano cookies. We try not to purchase store bought sweets due to their often unpronounceable stabilizing fillers. Mostly though, fresh cookies are off the chain, and they make your house smell like a warm hug from Grandma.

photo 2

After a little recipe research, I settled on these, and got to work. Getting the dough together was no problem, but piping them beautifully on the pan was another story. Somehow with all of the baking I do, I’ve never managed to purchase a piping bag. To get the job done, I kitchen hacked a zip top bag by clipping the corner, then worked fast to try and pipe the batter before it became to warm.

photo 1Despite my best efforts, I had a hard time controlling the output, so they baked up larger than I had envisioned. Due to their bigger size, I kept them as a single-sided version, instead of petite sandwich cookies. I mean, is having too big of a cookie in your day really a problem?! While I do have quite the sweet tooth, this recipe makes around 40 tasty individuals. If you take the plunge and make these, I suggest you brighten up the days of those around you, by sharing the homemade cookie love.

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