These days, my life is filled with projects I only had time to dream about before our Intermission. Harnessing my creative side used to live in the background of my daily life, but the last few weeks have been all about new things to tackle.

Take this incredible chicken soup for example; we enjoyed many a meal from our bird, but yesterday, I was able to take it for one final spin. I started by making stock with the non-edible parts. Once that was ready, I added a taste of spring using fresh peas, tomatoes, and bok choy from our buddies garden, then tossed in sliced onion, garlic, dry pasta, and two lime halves. The lime provided a citrusy under-layer that remains undetected until your bite is complete, and brings this dish to a whole new level. This soup isn’t just soup to me, it’s a step towards my goal of learning or making at least one new thing every. single. day.

People ask about how we’ve changed because of our travels, but it’s a hard thing to assess until you run into experiences that cause different reactions from pre-departure. The old me, she would have been happy with roasting a whole chicken for the first time. The new me, she’s happier that every scrap was used, and that new skills and techniques were learned. Make some room Martha, I’m ready to take some big bites out of this amazing world.

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