Today is the one month mark of our return, and we’re reminded that our intermission from San Francisco made our hearts grow fonder. Things that were driving us nuts about city living before our departure, are barely noticeable these days. Being home during office hours has lent a new appreciation for our neighborhood, and the gems that we’re delighted to uncover when it’s quiet on the streets.

While traveling, you swap the comforts of home, for the excitement of seeing the world. You gain the freedom to choose new places to visit, foods to eat, and people to engage. All of those things are wonderful, but people often forget that they are paired with the loss of selection in clothes, music, friendships, and the creature comforts that come with a space to call your own.

Cooking in our sun-filled kitchen, while the dogs bask in the rays and new music fills the speakers, are a few of our favorite freedoms that were truly missed. As a result, a lot of time during these past few weeks has been spent adding new culinary experiences to our list. During my last cooking session, I made mocha brownies (mine had a lot less butter, but a lot more coffee), in celebration of our good buddies’ 10th wedding anniversary. Creating congratulatory comfort foods, in honor of friends… it sure does feel good to be home.

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