Six weeks into campervan living, we ventured in to the American southwest ready for warm weather, gorgeous sunsets, and those wild desert landscapes. While we looked forward to exploring the vast openness of Arizona, the highlight of the trip was to be a visit to Sedona, to set our eyes on those epic sandstone formations.

QuartziteSmallSince we needed a spot to overnight along the way, we added an extra spicy dash of adventure to our visit, and sought out BLM campsites in the tiny town of Quartzsite. It’s a strange sight to see RVs parked in the middle of nowhere, and I found myself wanting to knock on each door we passed, to hear the stories of the occupants within. 

LakePleasant1smallWe spent our evening sipping wine in the wild, feeling like we were the only people out there. As the sun set and the stars came out in vast numbers, we spent the next few hours attempting to brush up on our Astronomy. It was one of those perfect nights where everything happens in your favor; the kind that even as those moments are passing, you know it’s one for the record books.


The next morning, we pointed the car northeast, towards our intended destination of Sedona. It was a scenic drive through the Sonoran Desert, where Saguaro cacti dominate the scenery. We located a nice spot to call home for the night, and were treated to a clearing of the clouds just long enough, for us to take in one of the most magnificent sunsets of our road trip.


The next morning we woke to rain on the roof, but that didn’t dampen (see what I did there) our excitement to see Red Rock State Park. After brunching at the Coffee Pot, we hit the trails to explore a few vortex sites. Each person walks away with their unique experience, but we felt a little more centered after spending time amongst the twisted juniper branches, and those red rock views.

Sedona1smallAs the rain picked up, we made our way to the Chapel of the Holy Cross, which is beautifully built between two red rock buttes. The simplistic design of the church, and the elevated view from inside, make you feel as though you have a moment all to yourself, while floating in the clouds.

LakePleasant2smallThe weather continued to worsen throughout our day, and the next few weren’t looking any better. When your house is your car, bad weather leaves you itching for outdoor freedom. So, we decided to head south to avoid the rain, and found ourselves enjoying a night at Lake Pleasant Regional Park. There are wild burro’s that roam the park, and we were woken up a few times to the super bizarre and hilarious sounds of wild burro fights. It’s a rapid fire, multi-animal “he-haw-he-haw-he-haw” on loop, at top volume. The kind of sound that incorporates into your dreams, and your mind takes you to strange places before you wake with a start. The next morning we hiked around the cacti filled canyons before heading towards our next set of adventures in… “sunny” New Mexico.

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