Blog 1Our feet touched back on US soil two weeks ago, and the process of re-integration commenced. It’s a strange feeling to tag back into a life that you haven’t fully participated in for the previous nine months, but we’re excited to be back in this city we so adore. As we download and look through our photos of this Intermission time, I am reminded of just how lucky we’ve been. These past months have been filled with so many breathtaking places, amazing new friends, and most of all, the opportunity for two planners to be gratified living outside of our comfort zones.

We’d like to thank all of you, our friends and family, for the support you’ve shown us during our crazy adventures. It was a lot easier to step into the unfamiliar knowing a whole group of people who love us, had our backs. We look forward to the future, as well as sharing some visual reflections from our recent past.

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