We had been talking with our friends for months about getting together to dine on an Italian style family dinner, and to watch The Godfather. Some of us had never seen it, and we thought it would be a fun way to enjoy part one of such an epic trilogy. Invites went out, and we were ready to roll for a Saturday night feast. We decided to do things knochknoch style, and make nearly everything ourselves. After the menu was created, and the shopping was done, the real work began.

The bread dough was crafted the night before the meal, using  a lemon/thyme/olive recipe. We thought it would be a nice loaf to serve with the antipasto, and that it would pair well with our home-made sauce during the main course. It enjoyed proof time in the refrigerator overnight, really encouraging those flavors to mingle with the dough. The pasta dough was also whipped together on Friday, very late night, and we set it in the fridge to let it rest while we grabbed some zzz’s.

The day of the meal was a whirlwind of activity, but the smells in our kitchen mid-morning from baking bread, made Friday’s late night worth Saturday’s grogginess. Both loaves came out baked to perfection, and the time-consuming task of rolling out the pasta dough began. We used a traditional egg based recipe, and we’re not sure if it was the long overnight rest or what, but the thinnest pasta we’ve ever created was made by the armful. We had mounds of the stuff laying on every available towel covered surface.

Guests started arriving that evening and the fun continued. We hung around the kitchen table eating bite after bite of bread +  antipasto, sipping on wine + cocktails, and just enjoying each other’s company. When dinner rolled around and the noodles were put to the test, they came out al dente and ready to hold lots of sauce.

Tune in later this week for Mafia Meal Part II: Sauce and Balls… it’s-a-gonna-make-a-your-mouth-a-water.

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