When most people find out that we’re taking a year off of work, they first congratulate us, then talk about how exciting everything must be. While I’ve never planned a trip like this before, I have planned some logistical doozies, and have found that there is a pretty standard formula for extended vacation emotions. During the initial conversations and light research of the trip, gobs of excitement pour out with every word. As you move into the boring stuff like setting your budget, doing serious research, and lastly ticketing, part of the fun is removed, and replaced with stress. This stress can be short lived for a week or two casual vacation, but when you’re planning on putting your life and career on hold for a year to tackle a bucket list of items, it gets ulcerific pretty quickly.

I think we were both surprised at some of the things that would send us over the edge on days of major trip planning, but as with anything it was a learning experience. While we still have lodging places to book, and car rentals to secure, almost everything that’s left can be done on the fly. So, here I sit, with two days left of work, and it’s finally returned; full blown little-kid-on-Christmas-morning excitement about what we’re about to do. While we can’t anticipate every twist and turn life is going to take over the next year, we’re as prepared as we can be, and ready to enjoy it to fullest. The gray clouds of planning have parted, and the sunshine has come flooding back. 

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