As far as sisters go, the oodles of talent coming out of Haim is second to none. It’s as if the Brady sisters were just a little more misbehaved, and transplanted to the age of Buffalo Exchange. I have yet to hear a song of theirs that I didn’t love, and the announcement of their debut album Days Are Gone is very exciting. Singles and EP’s have been trickling out for some time now and, as much as I love all of their work, I am ready to digest a full album.

The Wire is another gem. It opens very AC/DC, quickly leading into an 80’s, mall-style, toe-tapping, tongue-twisting verse, followed by a delectably hummable chorus, sprinkled with Dodo’s-style reverberated hey’s throughout. I get the feeling that they are somehow above it all. Like that friend you have, that is somewhat of a mess, but just feels no need to apologize for any of it. The one that makes you think that your approach to life might be all wrong. You know, like Jessa from Girls…but there are three of them.

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