When life gets stressful, I crave things that aren’t very healthy. Most snacks are fast and cheap, but they’re certainly not making me feel any better in the long run. One of my favorite go-to stress eating indulgences are potato chips. I generally have more of a sweet over savory palate, but when anxiety levels are high and I need a snack, a plain/classic potato chip is my kryptonite.

After walking the dogs yesterday, I returned home with to-do lists running through my head at top speed, on volume 100. It was 7:30 pm and I was hungry, overwhelmed, and I knew dinner wasn’t going to be ready for another thirty minutes. Normally, I would open up the cabinet and hone in on the least nutritious option available, but I didn’t have the chance.

One of the benefits of being with your Partner for a very long time, is that they can often see the path you’re going down, before you even recognize you’re taking the first step. Aware of the stress level our household was harboring, our new favorite snack was waiting on the counter for me, and I crushed it in no time flat… guilt-free. This is a great after-school/after-work/pre-party/post-party/life-is-crazy food, that you’ll feel good about eating. It’s rare to have junk food and vegetables fall in the same category, but I challenge you to set up a duel between this broccoli and your favorite potato chip, and decide for yourself.

Broccoli “Chips”:

Two heads of fresh broccoli

Quarter cup of olive oil

Salt (to taste)

Pepper (to taste)

  • Pre-heat your oven to 375 degrees
  • Trim the broccoli stalk and break the head into bite sized florets, leaving a decent amount of the floret stems attached (they roast up perfectly)
  • Add the broccoli to a large bowl, and drizzle with 1/8 cup of olive oil
  • Season with salt and pepper (we use a tsp salt, 1/2 tsp pepper), toss to combine, then let stand for a few minutes
  • Drizzle the remaining olive oil over the seasoned florets, and give it one final toss
  • Place the florets in a single layer on a baking sheet, and roast for thirty minutes, until crisp on the outside, tender on the inside
  • Let the broccoli cool slightly, then proceed with consumption
  • Smile, eat and repeat until the bowl is empty
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