As each day comes to a close, we stand one day nearer to our departure date. While our household is beyond excited, I find myself hanging on tightly to my routine, and the things I know. I’m sure I’ll be ready to fly free after a few days of our new lifestyle; but for now I have one regular week of work +  weekend remaining, and I’m finding a lot of comfort in that. It was in this spirit that we went to the farmers market on Sunday, to gather items for a heartwarming, belly filing stew.

I felt like I was in my Mom’s kitchen as I diced the onion, sliced the carrots and prepared the base of the stew. It was a meal time staple in our household, and it conjured up a lot of great memories. We gave it an extra twist by following Alice Waters recipe, adding orange zest, a red wine reduction, and chopped heirloom tomatoes. As we sat by the fireplace, hunkered down over our bowls of food, I paused to look around. The walls of this space have held our hearts and our lives for the past four years, and we’ll be coming back to this home as different people.  

The doors of change will be opening soon enough, but for now, we’ve shut the windows tight, and look forward to enjoying this last “regular” week inside. 

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