20130726-103842.jpgClosing one door to open another, can be a painful process. It’s hard to say goodbye, even temporarily, to the people whose company we’ve enjoyed regularly for the past five years. Co-workers become friends, friends become family, and we find ourselves standing among some of the most incredible people we have yet to know in this life.


We decided to schedule one last out-of-town weekend to enjoy extended time with friends, and to relax a little knowing the majority of our planning was complete. While we weren’t able to have everyone there (we missed you T+M+M), nine of us shared in grilled foods, tasty drinks, and cool soaks in the Russian River. The house we rented was a little guy, but the deck was about the size of the house. This gave us the capability to take every meal outside, and to move our chairs around the deck from dawn until dusk, following the warm rays of the sun.


There was a small dock right on the river, which was perfect for laying out, and sipping beer. There’s nothing quite like floating in the water, ears peaking above the water line, eyes focused on blue sky, hearing your friends laughter ring out all around you. Personal growth is uncomfortable, but when I think of things we would have missed had we not jumped in feet first and left Cincinnati after college, I take another step towards the edge.

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