Who hasn’t dreamed of getting into an RV and enjoying the simultaneous freedom of the open road, and taking your dwelling with you. No need to look for an exit with a pet friendly hotel. No breaking camp. No freezing midnight bathroom breaks. Just waking up, opening the front door and taking in fresh air and a breathtaking view of the expansive landscape of wild America. The perfect combination of camping and staying in a hotel.

We currently have no plan for this segment of the trip other than picking up the van in Victor, Idaho and dropping it off two months later in Austin, Texas. The beauty of this segment is that it doesn’t really require a plan. We know we want to be in Canada for a portion and visit some of the national parks that we didn’t get a chance to see on our drive out west 5 years ago. But unlike the trail, where we will need to be in certain places as certain time for food pick ups and permit exit dates, this portion of the trip was intended to have as little regiment to it as possible. Wake up and go.

Just two ladies and their puggles, playing it by ear.

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