The first segment of our trip is the John Muir Trail. Set in the Sierra Nevada mountains, the JMT features endless demonstrations of nature at its finest. Waterfalls, alpine lakes, high peak mountain passes, wide open meadows, and some of the most amazing sunrises and sunsets you’ll ever see. John Muir referred to this section of the Sierra’s as “The Range of Light”, and having already enjoyed a few backpacking trips in the area, we are very inclined to agree.

When we left Sheboygan, WI to move to San Francisco, CA five years ago, we took the long way. We meandered from one national park to another, and slept under the stars in a new location each night.  Prior to this trip, Anne had never seen a mountain in person, and our passage over the Rocky Mountains was a jaw dropping, eye opening experience for her. Having grown up with a Mother who loved to travel around the US, I had been around mountains many times before. Watching Anne discover the sheer magnitude of the Rocky’s, then later that same trip, the Sierra’s, was a heartwarming experience.

A few months went by, and we were happily settling into our new life in San Francisco. One day Anne came home and said that someone had told her about this trail that starts in Yosemite Valley, and ends at the top of Mt. Whitney. Her eyes were sparkling as we searched the internet for information, and purchased a book on hiking the John Muir Trail. For three years she would pick up the book, and ask me if I would join her on the hike. Each time I told her yes, but not yet, I’m not ready. Last year, as she stumbled across the book once again, she held it up and tilted her head. I told her that she’d waited long enough, and that it was time for us to get out there. The rest of the trip evolved from that decision, but if that book hadn’t been there reminding us of what waited outside of our walls, we might never have started this journey. 

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