Life can be very prescriptive, and we’re masters at following paths. We’ve always been so focused on planning for the future, that we haven’t flexed our live in the moment muscles for some time. We’ve passed many checkpoints on the path of life, and grabbed our badges for completing college, buying our first house, breaking into the professional world, gaining promotions, and saving for a rainy day. Most of the things that we are “supposed” to do have been completed, and now we’d like to try our hand at writing our own version.

We are pausing to check in with ourselves, and to see who we become when we exchange the comforts of our home, for adventures out in the world. We’re taking a year to experience life with our arms, hearts, and minds wide open. From climbing the highest peak in the contiguous United States, to visiting the most remote inhabited island in the world, we know this adventure will keep us on our toes. This break in our lives, or our “Intermission”, is a pause between what’s now, and what’s next.

We hope you’ll follow along and join us in spirit as we experience life, beyond the rules.

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