20130711-175209.jpgMarshall, California is one of my favorite places. Not only are there beautiful views every direction you turn, but thanks to Tomales Bay, oysters are the main focus of local dining menus. My original experience with fresh oysters didn’t take place until my first visit to this area five years ago. My initial opinion was that it was an awful lot of money to pay for a slurp of salty muscle. As the years have gone by though, I’ve found myself liking them and occasionally even craving them. After dining at Hog Island Oysters a few years ago, I became hooked on their grilled oysters. They dollop a little house made chipotle-bourbon butter and grill’em up fresh. These fella’s are off the charts delicious, but will make your pocket-book weep a little each time you circle back for more.

20130711-175222.jpgAfter spending a few anniversary weekends in the area, we branched out and added Nick’s Cove to our list of places to visit. Skip the stuffy atmosphere inside, and order your food and drinks for the boat shack out back. Head down the long dock to an enclosed room that features a piano, stereo system and fresh breezes from the bay. This room is the stuff that dreams are made of, and we were lucky enough to have it to ourselves for a few hours of relaxing and catching up with family. With a one hour drive from our house we can escape to Marshall, where delicious seafood meets relaxation, creating a fantasy-land of fun.


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