Like the infamous Portlandia skit Put A Bird On It, our household can turn anything into a breakfast meal by putting an egg on itWe are big fans of re-purposing leftovers, and this past holiday weekend was no exception. We used items from our July 4th grilling spree as well as our homemade pizza night, to create a superb stove-top stew. From the 4th we had grilled corn on the cob, fresh deli brats removed from their casing, and a cup of concentrated beer/onion stock. From the pizza night, we had a pile of caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, fresh tomato sauce, and roasted garlic. We rounded things out with a few fresh additions like purple onion and herbs, the let everything simmer for an hour. When you cook for a larger group for multiple days, it’s important to make successive meals or you’ll find yourself with too many leftovers, and an empty pocketbook. We dished out small bowls for a late dinner, so the next morning we were greeted with a large pot of leftovers.


To go round three on our already re-purposed meal, we ladled the stew into oven safe bowls and cracked an egg over top, along with a thick slice of heirloom tomato. A dash of seasoning and into the oven they went to slow cook for twenty minutes. As our savory breakfast was doing it’s thing, we gathered leftover bread and cheeses, and threw together toast points for dipping. By the time the buzzer dinged, we had five hungry people with their spoons at the ready. While it was a quiet breakfast as we shook off our morning grogginess, there were grunts of approval all around as the bowls were scraped clean.

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