I don’t know if its the large amount of Mad Men we have been watching lately, or the fact that the 4th is tomorrow, but this video and its American Bandstand theme, seemed appropriate for our Nation’s birthday celebration. Not only is the song groovy as hell, but the video has the borrowed nostalgia of some of America’s most important decades is musical history.

Janelle Monae has always been a bit retro with her pompadour-esque hair and her Annie Hall wardrobe, but she has departed from her signature look for this video, and I am not complaining. Unlike her last single’s video, which was an futuristic take on 70’s funk with a the stylings of the both the Supremes and Jackie Brown, this video combines a post-apocalyptic world, complete with zombies and effeminate TV hosts, with the look and feel of Hairspray. The Hell’s Angels type characters at the end, pretty much cover any untouched Americana up to that point.

At this rate, the next video will feature Janelle and Erykha in a Smells Like Teen Spirit remake but with zombies for bandmates and bubbles instead of smoke.

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