Simon and Zoe have so much personality, that it’s hard not to share every movement they have via social media. Toss in two under bites plus floppy ears, and I don’t know how we ever thought we’d stand a chance.

When we were visiting Russian River a few weeks ago, we noticed that the cabin we rented had two kid-sized rocking chairs set against what can only be explained as a gingham painted photo backdrop. It took about two seconds for me to know that the p-twins were going to get their photo snapped Olan Mills style circa 1980. 


Normally, they wouldn’t have appreciated being asked to sit in wooden chairs that purposely move to and fro, but a little peanut butter helped smooth some ruffled feathers. Simon is the more anxious one of the duo, and he was veeeeery skeptical of the whole scene. Zoe had been sunning herself in 80+ degree heat for a few hours, so she seemed pretty chill about being propped up in the shade.


In what I’m sure was a very confusing scene for them, four grown women chatted and cooed at them while snapping as many photos as we could. It was an entertaining shoot, and the dogs were rewarded at the end with a bone to nosh on and a swim in the river.

I hope you enjoy these shots as much as we do because in a world that can feel so out of control, a Puggle in a rocking chair can bring a moment of pure happiness to your day.

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