PRIDE is a weekend to celebrate equality and a dedicated time to give thanks to those who forged the way. It’s also a time to bust out those wild rainbow themed outfits, and dance until your legs can’t take it no’mo. We enjoyed a leisurely morning around the house before breaking out our gear in the early afternoon. On went the PRIDE eyelashes, bright makeup, perfectly coordinated outfit representative of all of the colors of the rainbow, and most importantly, our smiles.


Walking from our house to Dolores Park, we saw many a celebrator dressed in various stages of PRIDE costuming. As luck would have it, we passed by a house that happened to be giving away two deluxe feather boas that we snatched right up. Wonderful outfits made even more fabulous, we were on our way. As we neared the park we could hear the music thumping and there were hordes of people on the street. I truly love how free everyone is during PRIDE, and viewing outfits that are such an expression of the different types of people in the crowd. We found a spot in paradise and laid our blanket down, then stretched out for some of the best people watching in the world. Friends joined and we shared beers + giggles watching the madness all around us.

Dykes on Bikes revved their engines at 6:00 pm, then took off in their fantastic feminine procession. Once the bikers were on their way, we ventured to other areas of the park and ended up at an impromptu dance party in the street. A group of neighbors across from the park brought huge speakers up to their roof, and they were sending the crowd into a frenzy of moves with their nonstop beats. There’s nothing quite like feeling the music pulse around you while sunshine hits your face.


The rest of the night went by in a blur of visiting with friends, and was capped off properly with a two person dance party in our abode. Our buddy VW even made us PRIDE themed cookies, accompanied by a bag of rainbow accessories.Burritos, beers, buddies, and bellies full of laughter made for a perfect PRIDE Saturday. Thank you San Francisco, that was one for the record books.


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