Looking to save a few bucks but having a hard time stepping away from that deluxe coffee counter? There’s a cheaper way to enjoy your Frappa Maka Whippieccino beverage, and it’s a slightly healthier indulgence to boot.

Select a bite sized piece of your favorite candy (I go Milky Way all the way), or whatever candy item you have on hand. Chop that deliciousness into the smallest crumbles you can manage, and pour into your favorite mug. Warm or steam your preferred creamer, and slowly pour it in your mug while whisking the mixture with a fork. Once your candy is melted into the creamer, pour your desired amount of coffee over top.

Prefer an iced coffee beverage in this summer heat? Prepare one small pot of coffee, and pour it into ice-cube trays to freeze overnight. Complete the steps for the warm beverage above, then drop three coffee cubes into your mug, and let it stand for a few minutes until cooled.

Sip, enjoy, repeat.

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