I’ve had tears in my eyes a number of times this morning. Tears of happiness for our family, and millions of other families, couples, individuals and supporters of the LGBT community across the nation. I am more a student of the heart than of the law, so it will take me a bit of time to sift through the updates about what this morning’s SCOTUS decisions will mean for us. What I do know are the feelings I have, and it’s those that I’d like to take a moment of your time to discuss.

It is overwhelming to get into the many emotions I’ve carried with me over the years regarding my feelings towards the same sex. The confusion in elementary school, the shame in high school when we were less than accepted, the sadness in college when we had to take a moment to breathe, and the difficult decision to live our lives out in the open. After we dropped the chains of secrecy, it was so much easier to just be. Hiding a huge part of your life is not a healthy way to live, and even though having that discussion with loved ones at times became upsetting and uncomfortable, I’m very grateful that we took that path.

I took a slight detour on my commute to work this morning so that I could pass through the main square of the Castro. Despite it being 8:00 am, there was a group of people already gathered in celebration. Tears were shed, laughter rang out, and you could feel the air charged with love and excitement. I’ll remember that moment forever. I look forward to telling our children about the day I stood at the center of PRIDE, when the federal government made our community equal under the law.


We are fortunate to live in a country where we are free. This morning’s decisions have shaken the foundation of hate surrounding gay marriage, and whatever your feelings on the topic, my hope is that you can celebrate with us today. We would not be standing here as a couple over fourteen years in the making without the amazing people in our lives. I took a moment this morning to think back on all of the people who’ve really impacted our relationship over the years. To our friends and family, thank you for your unconditional love and support on our journey to this place. I am so proud to call myself an equal American on this monumental day.

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