This isn’t a post about taking a stance on the very personal issue of post-birth male traditions. I don’t feel qualified to make a judgment one way or another as I do not carry the equipment, nor have I ever made this decision on another’s behalf. I’d like to use this image to focus on the spirit and strength of a city that encourages its citizens to speak their minds. Whether you agree or disagree with the message these gentlemen are touting, it takes courage to stand up for a cause close to your heart.

People seemed a bit intimidated and/or taken back by their mind whirling outfits, but they were so kind and polite when I stopped to speak with them. After a few moments of chatting, I asked them if they minded having their photo taken. In true San Francisco fashion, they wholeheartedly encouraged me to capture their image, and proceeded to strike their best non-violent street canvasser stances. As we parted ways, they invited me to march in this year’s PRIDE parade with other vivacious members of their community.

I respectfully declined. I have yet to eat a hot dog since that day.

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