Sometimes it seems that life moves you along at a pace that feels more like a river after a storm, than a nice babbling brook. While I’m a subscriber to the school of “work hard, play hard”, I can throw a little too much pizzazz into the play hard part when I’m feeling stressed.

Flash to Saturday morning, and there I sit at the counter with my coffee in hand. The light is a wee bit too bright, the birds are chirping just a little too joyfully, and slowly the realization comes over me… I’m hung-over. They tell you in your early twenties that you just won’t rebound the same after you hit thirty. At that time, you think… “Thirty! Why would those old fools be out kicking it like we do at thirty? Don’t they have yards to maintain, or kids to take care of, or mortgage financials to comb through?” Well dearest twenty-two year old self, this just in: you’re still going to like fun even after the discovery of grey hairs on your head, and you’ve earned extra piles of it at your more mature age.

So there I sat, coming to terms with the fact that I needed something to eat that wouldn’t require me to leave my house until late afternoon. Earlier in the week I purchased a few of these cornmeal pizza crusts, and I was determined to make mealtime magic with them. I pre-heated the oven, then dug around in the fridge and found a variety of cheeses, a bag of fresh spinach, a few slices of purple onion, and a container of tomatoes. I was pretty sure I could repair myself with a few slices of pizza pie, so I set to making a quick sauce. In went one container of diced tomatoes, garlic + onion powder + oregano + salt + pepper that was ground in the mortar and pestle, and a few shakes of olive oil.  I set the sauce aside to let the flavors meld for a few minutes, as I cleaned the spinach, then sliced and shredded my cheese trio.

By the time my oven was pre-heated, everything was layered on to the pies, and they went in for their baking while I sat back and enjoyed my recovery coffee. As the delicious smell filled the kitchen, and my rehydration was well under way, I knew we were on the right track. Next time you know your week is going to be hectic/crazy/overdone, grab a few grocery items that allow for easily assembled, half homemade meals that can be prepared in a jiff. Your mouth, and your hung-over mind, will thank you for it.


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