I like this song. There are a lot of great things about it, and it is probably the song that would be running through my head as I developed a plot to hack into my enemy’s database and destroy them from within. But, I don’t want to talk about this song. I want to talk about this little girl.

B-Girl Terra is the young lady who stunned people recently with her shockingly fantastic performance at a breakdance battle in France earlier this year. This video of her doing a solo performance to Jungle’s Platoon, has got to be one of the most inspiring things you will see today. I believe such control, grace and determination exists in all of us, but boy, is it a rare sight to see nurtured in such a manner and at such a young age. Let’s just talk for a minute about what occurs at 2:06, when she stops dancing to don a hat and bands, and then turns up the heat a little and pulls moves that I have watched grown men struggle to do. And then there is the shot at the end that says, “I know I just did some impressive stuff, but don’t forget, I am a little girl.”

This young lady makes me proud to be a female. Go on and get it, girl.

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