Raw2SmalPurchasing a nice piece of fresh fish can feel a little daunting. Standing at the seafood counter, you begin the internal argument about why you should just pay extra for the wild, line caught, fresh fish. It’s better for the ecosystem, and better for your family. As you make your way to the register though, you begin calculating just how expensive of a mistake this meal could be if you ruin the fish during cooking.

You see, it’s pretty easy to overcook fish, and when its super fresh, you want to get juuust to the point that it’s not raw. The oils in the fish are what give it most of its flavor, which is why fresh cuts are often just seared. When I found myself worrying about how to make the most of my salmon fillet, I turned to Queen Martha for guidance.

One video tutorial later, and I had the confidence I needed to pan sear our fish to perfection. To kick up the flavor, I mixed up a quick marinade of one part honey, two parts soy sauce, and a few dashes of black pepper. After letting my fish marinate for twenty minutes, I brought it back to room temperature and followed the video instructions.

Ladies and Gents, I was so delighted with the results, I had to do a victory lap around the kitchen. Once I finished my whoops of personal admiration, I plated our meal and we dug in with gusto.


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