As summer hits us at full speed, it’s nice to keep things light and simple in the kitchen. We needed a quick side to go with a lovely piece of fish we were serving up, but we didn’t want it to be too hot and heavy. I grabbed fresh spinach from the fridge, and pulled out a few other items that usually pair well with leafy greens. A few thin slices of purple onion, fresh lemon, hard cheese, olive oil, black pepper, and fresh thyme sat side-by-side as I pulled my recipe together.











In a medium hot skillet, went the onions and a splash of olive oil to cook down just a wee bit. Once the crunch was gone, fresh thyme sprigs were tossed in with a TBSP of diced lemon zest until fragrant. The heat went off and a pound of spinach went in, to wilt and let the other flavors get into the mix.


Once the spinach turned bright green, I pulled the whole lot from the stove and set it aside while I shredded a few TBSPs of cheese. One more dash of olive, toss in the cheese, squeeze the juice from my zested lemon half, and few crackles of black pepper to top it off.  The salad tongs gave it a one-two-three toss and voila; quick and simple greens to give your body the iron it craves, while simultaneously getting you one step closer to the bikini body of your dreams.

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