I have always been a real sucker for love stories. At the end of most Romcom’s though, I know that the just-happily-reunited couple will likely break down at the first major bump in the road. There is something about being a super-long-term-couple that only other super-long-term-couples can understand. Something magical about being with someone so long, that you get the privilege of watching them evolve and grow. Getting to experience a range of life stages and periods in history together is something that only comes with time.

The story of these two gentlemen moved me to tears. I can’t imagine the difficulty that they must have faced as a couple in the 50’s, but they took it in stride and enjoyed their lives together. Love, real love, comes down to so much more than flowers and fancy dinners in your dress clothes. Love is what happens when you strip that extra stuff away. Remove it all until you’re left with the rawness of your partner’s personality, plus their flaws, and you still want nothing more than to be around them for all of your days.

As we inch closer to our fifteen year mark, I view this couple who have spent seven decades in a partnership, with awe and appreciation. Thank you Bill and John for sharing your story with the world; you touched my life.

And for the record, I haven’t cleaned the toilet in almost 15 years.

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