I sometimes feel like mashed potatoes could solve all of life’s problems. Just grab your biggest spoon, and curl up with a serving bowl of warm, whippy taters to shut the rest of the world out. Unfortunately, the waistlines of the world would grow too quickly with my carbo-therapy. I do believe I’ve found you a happy medium to push your worries away.


Chock full of B vitamins and anti-oxidants, cauliflower is a great staple in your diet. It’s such a versatile vegetable, and can take on the substitution form of rice, flour, and yes, even our old favorite, mashed potatoes. You could steam your florets and proceed like you’re making your favorite version of the fluffy stuff, but we prefer to roast them with garlic first.

The extra step takes only a few minutes of additional prep time,  and the results are well worth it. I love this recipe, and it’s so easy to make a big batch for a leftover recycle later in the week. Baked + smashed cauliflower with sharp cheddar, black beans, caramelized onions and roasted peppers anyone? Swing by later this week and maybe I’ll share.


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