As we were rushing to beat traffic out of the city a few weekends ago, a San Francisco gem caught our attention. I first noticed it when I glanced in my rearview to switch lanes, and the dozens of figurines glued to the top of the car startled me. The driver was an interesting character rocking a white tank, spiked hair, and rolling three gold bracelets deep.

We were crossing our fingers that we could maneuver next to his whip for a grade A shot, but when I pulled out of his lane at the light, he managed to weave his way a few vehicles ahead of me. As we approached the highway entrance, it seemed as though he turned the rocket boosters on full blast and he took off… with the plastic bodies of many pop culture characters shimmering like treasures in the sun. 

We were left with so many questions: Did you find all of those treasures in one place, or was it a collection over time? What glue did you use? What do your other cars look like? Would you notice if I took one?…. some things are best left a mystery.

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