It is rare that I swoon over a man. Every now and then I get nervous around a very attractive male, but I wouldn’t say I swoon. Enter Matthew Dear. I love Matthew Dear. He is the perfect combination of handsome and non-threatening. He appears super approachable, and then, just as I step to him, this fantastic baritone voice comes out of his mouth, and I melt like a school girl. He just seems so gosh darn cool. I want to hang out with him. I would even settle for just being “around” him…lurking in a corner where he can’t see me, but I have a direct visual on him while I practice various introductions.

His most recent album, Beams, came out in 2012, but there is going to be a reissue in June and it will include this catchy, unreleased tune.

“Open your mind, and let’s decide, your destiny…” Whatever you say Matthew Dear, whatever you say.

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