Imagine the Eurythmics, accompanied by Marina Diamandis and Florence Welch on vocals, and Toto and The Knife on rhythm. That is the most succinct way I can think of to explain all of the fantastic elements of this song. Young Galaxy’s whole album, Ultramarine, is great…all the way through…no stopping. But this track was the first one where I caught myself returning to Spotify to make note of who I was listening to. The band has had a few lineup changes and shifts in creative direction in the past, but I think they have found their groove, so to speak.

It feels like the song that plays during a movie sequence where the main character is running down the middle of a street, having just gotten off of his Schwinn or motorized scooter. Probably in the dark and probably in the rain. Unable to deny their feelings any longer, despite endless warnings from parents and peers. Tearing off after love.

You can be sure that somewhere, Molly Ringwald is singing into a hairbrush and swaying in the mirror.

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