This song is not new, but it is new to me. In fact, it came out in 2011 but I only recently became aware of it. A few moments in and I was hooked. I cannot physically sit still when this song plays, especially at 00:34 when the brass kicks in. Its so very sharp and catchy that I have to move. At first I thought they were British and maybe practiced next door to Foals, but they are in fact a duo from LA and fiercely bearded, might I add.

Vegas is not my bag, but when this tune plays, I imagine myself having one of those crazy, over-bonding evenings with close friends in the City of Sin. The kind of night where you consume so much alcohol for such a long period of time, that you defy modern medicine. An evening where your relationship with someone you kind-of-knew, transforms into a lifelong bond through dancing, drinking, secret-telling and debauchery.

You know, the kind night you’re not necessarily proud of, but would never regret.

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